Progress Check

18summaryofattemptsYou can access your previous attempts at a specific test so you can keep an eye on your progress. You can also analyse these tests to see if you are continually making the same mistakes or to see if you are retaining the knowledge.




You can check on your progress in a particular course by checking the activity completion and total course completion trackers found in the top left hand corner of any course page.

The activity completion indicates how many tests you have passed as a percentage of the total number of tests and the total course grade is your average test percentage only taking into account the tests that you have attempted.

These results only refer to the course that you are currently viewing.



We have previously mentioned the progress bar which can be found in the right sidebar on each course page.

When you have completed a test your result will be indicated at the appropriate place in the bar.

Remember, the more green the better.




On the first course page there is a tab which says view course grades.

Clicking on this will give you a list of all of your scores in that particular course, ordered by topic.

This gives you another way of checking your progress.



In the right hand sidebar is a link to grades which gives you another way to keep a track of your progress.

You will probably not use all of these tracking tools, but they are available if required.



We have previously looked at the progress tracker that is located on your dashboard page.

This enables you to see your progress across all of your courses.






We have also previously looked at the total course percentages that can be found by clicking on grades in the menu you get when clicking on your username in the task bar.



I hope this helps you to use this site successfully.

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