Course Page


When you first open any course page you will see that the name of the course is in the middle of the page. This means it is very easy to see exactly where you are on the site.

In the top left hand corner of the page are two scales which are for activity completion and total course grade.

The activity completion shows how many of the tests you have completed as a percentage of the whole number of tests.

The total course grade is the average grade for only the tests that you have completed in this course.

Both are useful to map your progress.



On the right hand side of the course page are the progress and navigation sidebars.

The progress sidebar gives you an immediate indication of where you should concentrate you efforts in improving your grades.

The blue sections are tests yet to be attempted, the green sections test that have been passed with a score of 80% or more and the red sections where a score of below 80% was obtained.

Clicking on the section will take you to the appropriate test.

The navigation sidebar allows you to quickly navigate to the section or test that you are interested in.

Clicking on the topic will bring up a list of all of the tests, printable test questions and printable notes available in that section.







Further down the page you will see the main topic grid.

This is where you will normally access each individual part of the course.

The topic titles are usually self explanatory  and open up a new window as below.





When you click on the topic you will open the topic information page which allows you to see all of the content in that topic.

Each section of the topic has a test, printable test questions and printable lesson notes to enable you to understand all of the content of the topic.



Clicking on the printable test questions will open a file in the PDF format with the same questions that appear in the interactive test on this site.

This enables you to answer the questions on paper before filling your answers in online (which is how we would suggest you do this), as your exam will be on paper and this is the best method for answering these questions, especially when lots of working out is involved.



Also in each topic you can access printable lesson notes for each part of the content, with detailed examples and important information that is useful to remember.

Also in here you will find hints and tips on the best way of learning and retaining the appropriate knowledge.







Next click here to look at the tests themselves.


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